"Apostle Paul's Victory before Agrippa" Wednesday, May 23rd, 7 PM Sunday Holy Spirit's VISION for you!!
     "Apostle Paul's Victory before Agrippa"            Wednesday, May 23rd, 7 PM                                          Sunday   Holy Spirit's VISION for you!!         

                                   Bible Study on May 23rd, 2018  Wedneday

               Wednesday Worship  at 7 PM

                       May 23rd, WED, 7PM

        "Apostle's Paul Victory before Aprippa!            

              Send an email  at

              Sunday Worship at 10 AM

 AMAZING testimony  from ELIZABETH who was healed of cancer

    The constant PRAYER of the saints led to her victory!

     Discipleship Team

   Be ready for God's Word

Children rejoicing in the Lord

       Singing new songs on Sunday Morning!


                      GOD'S LOVE ENDURES  FOREVER

                    Study: Your Conflict Leads to Strength!

The fellowship of the believers during the week.

Apostle Paul is a great example as the AMBASSADOR in chain for Jesus Christ. He will be in Caesarea for two years bound to a Roman soldier. Paul was a witness to the Gentiles.

Bulletin Emmaus Road, May 6th

Rejoice! Jesus met two disciples on the Raos of Emmaus. Than He broke the bread and vanished from their sight!!

  Bulletin Acts 25, May 16th,7pm

Apostle PAUL survived another plot and appears before Festus. Then Paul appeals to Caesar. His ministry is remarkable!

       Children Ministry

More children are learning to sing new songs and to play the piano. They are having fun, singing and rejoicing!

Learning new SONGS


             Let the Children come to Jesus!

               Let us Be a light in the world

   Praising the Lord


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