Wednesday Service on March 21, 2018 7 PM Revival in Ephesus-The Book of Acts 5000 Calle San Raphael, Palm Springs,CA This teaching we'll change you life
Wednesday Service on March 21, 2018  7 PM      Revival in Ephesus-The Book of Acts                         5000 Calle San Raphael, Palm Springs,CA This teaching we'll change you life

                   Schedule for the Worship Service of March 21,2018  WED 7 PM

On this page, you can find out for yourself about what is going on at Living WATER CHURCH in the month of MARCH.

                " The Revival in Ephesus " on March 21, 2018    7 PM

                  The Holy Spirit' Outporing in Ephesus is the sermon on Wednesday.                                                               

                  God will do it again and will heal the hearts of His people through His Word

                  Every VISITOR will receive a free book entitled " For me to Live is Christ."  

                  Call is at 760-898-58-48.


     Discipleship Team

   Be ready for God's Word

Children rejoicing in the Lord

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