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Living Water Church
Living Water CHURCH, Palm Springs SUN 10 AM 5000 Calle San Raphael, CA 92264 Sunday' Message: "Dying to Get More Life"
Living Water CHURCH, Palm Springs SUN 10 AM        5000 Calle San Raphael,  CA  92264   Sunday' Message: "Dying to Get More Life"       

Living Water Church of Palm Springs is a community of faith, joy, and love in Christ! You are invited on Sun, 10AM, Wed. 7 PM, Sat. 11AM to receive joy, healing , prayer and strength through the gospel and amazing worship songs that will change your life forever. You will be encourages, counseled and appreciated in Him!                       



ENROL today in Living Water School of Ministry and become a Bible Teacher, Evangelist, Counselor, Pastor.

                                                                  YOU ARE INVITED TO WORSHIP!

                                                                    Sunday's' Message, Oct. 22 , 7 PM

                                                                       PAUL, the REVIVAL MAN

                                                                           Sunday Worship 10 AM

                                                                          Every Wednesday at 7 PM  

                                                   Call us at 760-898-5848



                                                                           We are serving you concerning Bible Study, 


                                                                                           marriage ceremony,

                                                                                            prayer for the sick. 


                                                          THE MONTH OF OCTOBER  2017
                                                             Would you like a degree

                                                              as a Bible teaching?

                                                                         Call us!


                                                                                 Worship Service 10 AM.

                                                                             Sunday Prayer Meeting at 9 AM

                                                                            Youth Worship Service at 10 AM

                                                                         Children's Ministry at begins at 10 AM


                                            Bible Prayer and Fellowship: Every Saturday at 11 AM & every Wednesday at 6PM.

                                           Discipleship Class begins at 12 noon time on Saturday, followed by class fellowship.
                                                                               Sunday Youth Ministry  10:00 to 11:15 AM
                                                                            Sunday Children's Ministry 10 AM until 11:15 AM

                                                                  MEN’S BIBLE STUDY & LADIES BIBLE STUDY
                                                  On Saturdays every month at 12, noon time; Lunch will be served also!

                                                                              *STREET FAIR UNIVERSITY
*Hands on learning every Thursday night; learn real world Downtown Evangelism, starts at 7 PM, in downtown Palm Springs, our group meets at the Sonny Bono Statue.



  Israel' s History




Balfour Document




Pray for Jerusalem




  Israel's Land

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Service Times

Sundays: 10:00 AM
Wednesdays: 7:00 PM

Teaching Archives

Listen to and/or download audio archives of our services


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You Are Invited to Worship with us Every Sunday at 10 AM.

Call us for directions at 760-898-5848

Baptism Baptism May 10th

Listen Online

We recently began recording the sermons at Living Water Church and have begun making them available online for your listening pleasure. You can also view notes for many teachings. Just visit our sermons page.

LWC Library

Our library has been expanding. We recently labeled & categorized each of the resources in our library and have a very simple check-out procedure to borrow the resources you need to grow in your faith. We also welcome donation of additional resources that might be collecting dust on your shelves. Let's put those to use in others' hands today.


Jesus told His disciples that His house was to be a House of Prayer. At Living Water Church, we are prayer warriors. We would love to pray for you. Visit our online prayer page to send us a prayer request/praise report or come early to one of our services. We have church prayer on Sunday's at 10:00am, Wednesday's at 6:00pm, and Saturdays at 12pm. We are always looking for individuals to join us who love to pray.


As Jesus was Baptized in the Jordan River, so we are called to be baptized also. To learn more about Baptism, or if you would like to be baptized, talk to Pastor George at one of our services and he will put you on the list for our next baptism. We offer Baptism on the last Sunday of the month following our morning service.


We are looking for 2 Evangelists to serve at our church. If you are an evangelist and looking for a place to serve and use your gift, call us at (760) 898-5848. Currently, on Thursday evenings at 7pm, we head to Palm Springs Village Fest, downtown Palm Springs to share the Gospel & invite people to our church. We meet at the Sonny Bono statue/fountain. There are other evangelism opportunies as well if this is something you feel called to be a part of. See Pastor George to get invovled in sharing the Gospel with Living Water Church.

Weekly Schedule


9:00am - All Church Prayer
10:00am - Sunday Worship Service

12:00pm - Nursing Home church service


9 AM - Sunday Prayer Meeting

10 AM - Youth Worship Service

10 AM - Children's Ministry



6:00pm - All Church Prayer
7:00pm - Evening Service



7:00pm - Downtown Evangelism at PS Village Fest (meet at Sonny Bono statue/fountain)



All Day - Fasting for LWC until 12 noon or sundown



10:00am - All Church Prayer

11:00am - Cleaning Ministry

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