"You Shall Know that I AM God" Wednesday, July 18th 7 PM Enroll to study the Bible We'll become a Bible Teacher, Evangelist Intercessor, Counselor.
     "You Shall Know that I AM God"        Wednesday, July 18th  7 PM                                                            Enroll to study the Bible  We'll become a Bible Teacher, Evangelist          Intercessor, Counselor.          

                                                   Wednesday Worship , July 18th, 2018   7 PM                                                         ENROLL in LIVING WATER BIBLE SCHOOL                                                                                                                       Have a Joyful Day in Christ!

                  Worship Sunday  at 10 AM

                  Sunday, July 22, 2018

          "The Fulness of God in Christ!"

                     The Book of Colossians # 2

          Send an email  at

    Become  a Teacher, Evangelist, Counselor in the church

                     WED 7 PM -The Book of EXODUS

                  Exodus Chapter 7-Amazing lessons!

                      "You Shall Know that I AM God!

       Become a Bible Teacher, Evangelist, Counselor

     Discipleship Team

   Be ready for God's Word

Children rejoicing in the Lord

       Singing new songs on Sunday Morning!


                 GOD'S LOVE ENDURES  FOREVER

                    Study: "God's SIGNS for MOSES"

The fellowship of the believers during the week.

MOSES was in the wilderness and got married with Zepphora. God was looking for a DELIVERER, a man who was willing to lead the people out of the bondage and slavery of that time. Great lessons!

June 24th-The Humble Mind of Jesus

Rejoice! Jesus is always a great example for us in every area of life. He is humble and gentle and always ready to lift us up!

 July 8th- "Christ's Keys to Wise Living"

The sermon is about  Christ's Keys  to wise  living . It provides for us aplications of the Word of God useable every day.

       Children Ministry

More children are learning to sing new songs and to play the piano. They are having fun, singing and rejoicing!

Learning new SONGS


             Let the Children come to Jesus!

               Let us Be a light in the world

   Praising the Lord


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