The GREATEST VIRTUE! February 10,2019 at 10 AM For prayer call us! Call us, Please call us at 760-898-5848
 The GREATEST VIRTUE!                February 10,2019 at 10 AM                                          For prayer call us!      Call us,  Please call us at 760-898-5848

              SUNDAY's SERMON is "The GREATEST VIRTUE." Feb.10,2019, 10 AM

This is an amazing teaching from OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST who is ready to reward us in so many ways! JESUS is giving us in the Sermon on the Mount real spiritual treasures that we may KNOW him and His compasion, love and power over all obsticles of life!



February 12, 2018 , TUESDAY at 6 PM we'll MEET to study PROPHECIES of the  Bible! Call us

                               Please, call so we know how to prepare!

Make the EFFORT to COME and start THIS YEAR with the PASSION to KNOW CHRIST!

                                                          GREAT FOOD will be served and supernatural manna will be given to you by the Lord!

         NOTHING can SEPARATE us from God's LOVE!

               JESUS always leads us to VICTORY

                 EVEN death can't separate us from Christ!

                        Email  at

                        Become Certified in Bible Studies

                          Become  a Teacher, Evangelist,

                  Do you need COUNSELING? Call us!

                              INVITE a FRIEND!

                  LEARN to Communicate witt the Lord!

                     Become a Bible Teacher,  Counselor

     Discipleship Team

   Be ready for God's Word

Children rejoicing in the Lord

               Singing new songs on Sunday Morning!


               Sunday "Jesus on the Road of Redemption"

                    Life changing sermon about our future

The fellowship of the believers during the week.

God spoke to MOSES," Build Me a sanctuary that I amy dwell with you"   The  Lord  gives  Moses all  the instructions to  build  the sanctuary.  Great lessons for worship are remarkable, amazing!

  Bible Lessons for VICTORY from GIDEON

   This message will lead you in God's    

         and give you His wisdom

           The Wise Wall Builders

  The sermon is about  God's amazing ways  to empower you. It provides for us aplications of the Word useable every day.

       Children Ministry

More children are learning to sing new songs and to play the piano. They are having fun, singing and rejoicing!

Learning new SONGS


             Let the Children come to Jesus!

               Let us Be a light in the world

   Praising the Lord


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