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Mary and Martha of Bethany: OUTLINE


               Luke 10:38-42    Key Verse: Luke 10:39

  1. The criticism of Martha of Bethany.
  2. The attitude of Mary, her still sister.  
  3. The counsel of the Lord is definite.  

     Key Word - Bethany - The House of unripe figs, Azariyeh - Home of Lazarus




          I. The criticism of Martha of Bethany

  1. Martha is hospitable-10:38
  2. Martha is distracted-10:40
  3. Martha is working for the Lord
  4. Martha is serving the disciples-12, Peter, John,
  5. Martha is serving the Lord with food
  6. Martha is approaching the Lord
  7. Martha is looking for help!
  8. Martha disagrees with the Lord. “Don't you care?"
  9. Martha is serving alone!!

          II. The attitude of Mary of Bethany

  1. Mary had chosen to listen to Jesus
  2. Mary already served Him, knew Him
  3. Mary says nothing to Martha...
  4. She is "hiding" in the Lord....
  5. Mary desired to be with Jesus.
  6. Mary was pleasing the Lord.
  7. Mary was abiding in Christ.-Jn. 15
  8. Mary doesn't argue with her sister..
  9. Mary is able to sit down among 16 people

          III. The Lord's counsel is imperative! 

  1. What is needed the most ?
  2. The ONE thing is needed:    a.-listening to His words... b.-worshiping Jesus    c.-abiding in Jesus
  3. Mary has chosen the good part.
  4. Mary will keep the good mind-set
  5. Mary is praised by the Lord
  6. Mary is able to see in the spiritual realm.
  7. Mary worshiped Jesus on the Passover.
  8. Mary will never stop worshipping Jesus!


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